Thursday, January 16, 2014

I pretty much didn't take pictures while I was in Nepal--far too frazzled--but I just developed the roll and a half that I did take. Here they are!

This was really the first and only picture I took in Nepal (the rest were only frantic snapshots on my last day, when I was exploring Kathmandu with Gyan). I took it in the parking lot of the airport, from inside the bus that would take us out of Kathmandu to the village of Dhulikhel.
This was the view (that we only saw once because of clouds) that was right outside the window of my room in Dhulikhel. If you squint your eyes you can see them: the Himalayas.

The rest of these are photos I took, while I was dazed, and stumbling right behind Gyan, on my last 24hrs in Kathmandu.

Traffic in Nepal is awesome. It's like a complicated, high-speed dance with far too many participants. While there are tons of traffic accidents, Nepali drivers are incredibly skilled and much politer than American drivers. They beep at each other constantly, which I first interpreted as impatient bullying (as it seems to be in the States), but it's actually a quiet reminder, a "Hey, I'm right here", a light hand placed on the back of a stranger so they know you're trying to sneak past. They do a light beep when they go around curves in the road, when they pass another vehicle (which they do constantly), or (my favorite) when they pass another vehicle while going around a curve (if that doesn't get you to pay attention, I don't know what will... maybe the cows sitting in the middle of the highway...). It's a thrill to watch how close your taxi can get to another car (not inches, but an inch. whoa).

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